I help Small Business Owners
build a Strong and Seamless
online presence through 
strategy & storytelling.

I believe that storytelling is the most powerful way to connect with others, build relationships and establish the know, like, trust factor.  I help small business owners with developing and implementing  'how' they want to tell their story through design, branding, content creation, education and more.  

I am dedicated to helping you tell your story in a way that speaks to your passion, profession and  purpose in a way that is compelling, relatable and resonates with your audience.

 I believe sharing  who you are and why you do what you do is an integral part of growing your business and engaging your audience in a compelling way. Expressing your story creatively through digital marketing one of the most powerful ways to impact and inspire your customers to buy into and become a part of your story. 

I'd love to help you tell your story!

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing

Services I offer:

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You feel burnout out wearing so many hats in your business but know you need to work on building and maintaining your online presence 

You can't find the time to create content, maintain your online presence or keep up with the ever changing social media trends 

You don't like handling your digital marketing and would rather spend your time doing more of what you love in your business

does this sound like you?

You have a vision for your brand but unsure how to make it all come together cohesively, or do not have the experience, skill set or tools to be able to bring it to life 

what clients are saying

—Cristina R.

Working with Hannah was exactly the step I needed to take to move my marketing and social media presence to the next level.

— Linda & John M.

Hannah has helped us build our following and has been incredibly insightful at knowing the things we need to spread awareness and build a brand

— Winnie N.

Hannah was a pleasure to work with, she helped me create the website of my dreams. Not only is she professional, she made sure I understood the entire process. Would recommend anybody to her services!

—Rachel L.

Hannah is the expert of all things social media! She is a creative and innovative marketer, designer, and entrepreneur. She motivated me to begin a wellness project, and helped me brainstorm, launch, and grow my business through her mentorship program.

—Kelly D.

For years I wanted a website that match my personality and pride I have in my profession. Hannah Costello, THANK YOU, in less than a week, you have taken care of my business like it was your own.

—Alyssa R.

Hannah was such a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She really listened to our needs and understood the aesthetic and function we needed our new website to have.  She has a knack for clear and open communication and offers reasonable prices that small businesses can afford. I will choose to work with Hannah every chance I can!


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