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Socially Creative Marketing is my passion project turned profession after several years working in administrative roles, trying my hand at serving & even investing in a multi level marketing company. 

After years of working for someone else's dream I knew it was time to fulfilling my calling of helping others in a creative & unique way.  

For many years, I had no idea what that calling was going to take form as- until I joined a MLM business where they were heavily focused on training us to understand social media and promote ourselves through digital marketing strategies. 

At that point, I was still feeling unfulfilled- except for when I was creating & designing content for my personal brand, learning ins and outs of social media & educating myself about digital marketing.

Fast forward to 2019, when I finally decided to say see ya to corporate america and try my hand at freelancing. I booked my first client without a website, logo or business name. 

What I did have was a deep desire to use my gifts, talents, skills & self-taught experience to educate and empower others to grow their own online presence, establish their niche, build brand awareness & feel more confident in their virtual voice. 

2 years & a global pandemic later and I am so grateful for all the small business owners who have entrusted me to be a part of their brand story. Nothing brings me joy than to hear from my clients how much more confident they feel about navigating the digital landscape as well as feeling as those they have finally found their virtual voice. 

When I am not wearing 10,000 hats in my business, I am keeping a tiny human aka my toddler alive, occupied, and relatively happy. When I have a moment to myself I am usually  indulging in some sort of  self-care practices like hot yoga & meditation, drinking copious amounts of coffee & usually eating a meal that has been warmed up 5 times already. 

You can learn more about me by following my personal IG: @hannahccreative and for all things biz follow me at @sociallycreative,marketing 

Hi, I'm Hannah!

Small business owner,
head creative,
Brand Strategist, 
Web Designer,
& boy mama

& this is my small business story...

ready to learn more?

I know no two businesses are alike when it comes to goals, objectives & deliverables which is why I offer a variety services unique to your business, industry & niche. 

Not only do I provide you with custom proposals, but tiered services options as well to choose from that best fit your needs, goals & budget. What makes socially creative marketing stand out is the emphasis on educating & empowering my clients every step of the way- as well as transparent & accessible communication throughout the entire project.

diy'ing my business isn't working  & I am exhausted, Frustrated, and over it. 

I am burn out from wearing allll the hats in my business, someone help me! 

I am not a huge fan of anything related to websites, branding, or social media & to be frank, it all overwhelms me. 

okay, okay, enough about me, let's back to talking about you & your small business

can you answer yes to any of these pain points below?


the good news is, you're in the right place- because all the things you're feeling burnout about are the things i love to do! what does that mean for you? Well, now you can focus on your areas of genius within your business and focus on the aspects of it that you love!

kind words from Clients

—Cristina R.

Working with Hannah was exactly the step I needed to take to move my marketing and social media presence to the next level.

— Linda & John M.

Hannah has helped us build our following and has been incredibly insightful at knowing the things we need to spread awareness and build a brand

— Winnie N.

Hannah was a pleasure to work with, she helped me create the website of my dreams. Not only is she professional, she made sure I understood the entire process. Would recommend anybody to her services!

—Rachel L.

Hannah is the expert of all things social media! She is a creative and innovative marketer, designer, and entrepreneur. She motivated me to begin a wellness project, and helped me brainstorm, launch, and grow my business through her mentorship program.

—Kelly D.

For years I wanted a website that match my personality and pride I have in my profession. Hannah Costello, THANK YOU, in less than a week, you have taken care of my business like it was your own.

—Alyssa R.

Hannah was such a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She really listened to our needs and understood the aesthetic and function we needed our new website to have.  She has a knack for clear and open communication and offers reasonable prices that small businesses can afford. I will choose to work with Hannah every chance I can!

—Susan W.

When I started working with Hannah I was social media illiterate. I was struggling with figuring out how to increase my local following & present an authenicate persona. She taught me the latest trends, how to understand insights (my focus is Instagram) & reviewed all aspects of my plan for the growth of my business. I was so pleased with her that I hired her to create my website. It turned out absolutely beautiful! It represents my look & vibes so well. She was patient, accessible & always helpful.

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